I want to protect my assets and income streams, so I’m getting a will this year
March 13, 2024

After I had my first child in 2023, a good friend of mine suggested that I get a will. She was a mom of three and stressed how important the legal document was not only to protect my assets but to have a plan laid out for my daughter, in case something were to happen to my partner or me.

At first, I laughed at her advice. I thought it wasn’t worthwhile to invest in an estate plan if I didn’t have any assets. I don’t own real estate or a car, and I don’t have an inheritance fund. But whenever I thought about my daughter and how to set her up for financial success, the idea of having a will in place kept coming up. If I were to pass away, a will would direct the distribution of any assets that I do have and make the process easier on her, making it essential to my financial planning.


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May 14, 2024

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