Practice areas

Legacy Planning

We understand that planning for the future means more than just managing assets—it’s about leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. Our Legacy Planning practice encompasses a comprehensive array of services designed to protect assets, minimize tax liabilities, and ensure a seamless transfer of wealth.

Our Legacy Planning services empower clients to navigate the complexities of estate and business succession planning with the precision and foresight to identify priorities and achieve legacy goals. We appreciate the complex legal, emotional, and financial issues that arise in succession planning and offer a broad range of guidance to help high-net-worth individuals and enterprises in corporate restructuring, asset allocation, gift, and estate planning.

Our business and estate planning team routinely advises entrepreneurs and owners of privately held companies as they navigate and plan for transitions of operational and ownership control of enterprises and entities. Whether you’re seeking to establish a will, create trusts, or strategize asset allocations, our team is here to provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Estate Planning

Crafting wills and trusts that reflect your wishes and protect your assets for future generations. We work closely with clients to develop personalized estate plans that address their specific needs and goals.

Trust Administration

Guiding trustees and beneficiaries through the complexities of trust administration, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and maximizing the benefits of trust structures.

Asset Allocation

Implementing strategies to optimize asset placements, minimize exposure, and preserve wealth for future generations.

Business Succession Planning

Assisting business owners in developing comprehensive succession plans to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and management, preserving the continuity of family businesses and legacies.

Charitable Planning

Both individuals and corporations fall prey to fraud. Fraudulent schemes can range from relatively benign to incredibly complex, and can be difficult to detect at first. We have considerable experience investigating and recovering losses from fraud, including Ponzi schemes, fraudulent transfers, securities and regulatory issues, and more.


At DGIM Law, we recognize that legacy planning is not just about preserving wealth—it’s about preserving values, traditions, and the stories that define who we are. With our team of experienced attorneys, we empower clients to build legacies that endure for generations to come.