WeWork filed for bankruptcy. Is this the end of flexible office space?
November 9, 2023

Despite the uncertainty that persists, WeWork can help employers meet their needs in real time, a WeWork leasing director told HR Dive.

In the wake of WeWork’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, CEO Sandeep Mathrani’s words from earlier this year are particularly poignant.

Mathrani spoke to the advent of digital-first workflow, which caused a “centuries-old standard way of working [to be] flipped on its head.” He reflected on a 2020 interview he gave on flexibility and the future of work. Since that interview, Mathrani said, WeWork built up its “product suite to adapt to the seismic shift in the industry,” so the company could “further capitalize on all areas of demand with our physical space product of real estate.”

Fast forward to August 2023, when it turns out WeWork’s Q2 earnings results may have been smoke from a larger fire. In the liquidity section of the report, the company expressed that “substantial doubt exists about the company’s ability to continue.”


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